The year 2017 was tremendous growth in the mobile app industry. The more sales of smartphone in the world have led to more number of apps. Every industry has their own mobile app. We are using apps for from banking to grocery. There are millions of mobile apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play, limitless options to choose from. What do we expect in 2018?

Voice-Controlled Smart Speakers

In 2017, we have experienced the popularity of Voice-Controlled Speakers. Companies gave us options to choose Amazon Echo or Google Home or Apple HomePod. These Smart speakers are surprisingly a great success. We ask to play music, to hear the news, to knowthe daily schedule, set alarm& reminder and top onit- control of the smart home, they small devices has completely changed our daily life.

Back in 2016, Gartner’s contributor Kasey Panetta wrote that “By 2018, Gartner expects most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps and utilize the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools to refine their offers and improve customer experience.” Rest is the reality.

For developers, this is the whole new platform to interact with the smart speakers. Users will also want to use more potential of smart speakers, this way user will have the range of apps. There will whole new class of market that will Smart Speaker app development.

AR – Augmented Reality

Since 2016, AR has been very popular technology around the world. AR entered the industry of gaming, retail, marketing, education. The infographics that Wikitude released that is “2017 Augmented Reality Year in Review”, indicate that the overall usage of AR is on the rise.



Mobile app plays a vital role in the AR business. Apple just showed in WWDC 2018, how Measure app measures things using AR technology. Measure indicates how AR can help people’s lives today—what you need – just hold up your phone, points on the object and move it from end to end side, you’re done, you get the measurement. This is one of the good examples of how AR will help us in our routine in coming years. Apple’s Craig Federighi said “AR is Transformational Technology. By bringing experiences into the real world, it enables all kinds of new experiences, changing the way we have fun and the way we work.”

Augmented Reality – AR Mobile Application is the next big phase in mobile app development.

2018 is the year of mobile app transformation to new whole app industry with more user-oriented, user-centric, agile, innovative and up to the customer expectations.