Internet of Things (IoT) is a trending and an eye-catching technology in the growing world. Many firms have started working on this technology and many have released products and services on the same. Here let’s discuss about IoT, its importance, do we need it?

Firstly, what is IoT?

IoT is combination of hardware and software and are accessible through Internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT could be any person, sensor, object etc. IoT based devices can operated from anywhere in the world through your phone/Laptop / watch etc. Through internet necessary commands are passed to get your things done remotely. The Embedded technology in the objects help to interact and perform the operations.

What is the scope of IoT?

Internet of Things uses internet as medium to connect with devices embedded. These devices can be controlled form anywhere digitally. We can capture more data from different place which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of IoT system.

IoT is a transformational Technology that can help firms/industries/companies to improve operational performance through advanced IoT analytics and IoT Security to deliver best results. IoT can be applied in various fields like Utilities, Energy, Public Transportation, Digital Media, Manufacturing, , Construction and retail sectors for making more informed decisions.

How Big is IoT?

This new technology of connectivity is going far beyond, it has connected watches, cars, smart homes, smart cities and Smart healthcare. In short, a connected life. According to a report by Gartner, by 2020 20.6 billion connected devices will be present across all technologies.

What are the benefits of the IoT for consumers?

IoT makes our environment, homes, offices and vehicles smart and analytical. Smart Speakers are already in the market which helps us to set alarm, get info, play favorite music and read out your mails. Home security is another pivotal area, where theft related alerts are sent to the mobile phone and to the nearest Security Authority. Smart lights, Smart street lights are saving energy.

Application Areas of IoT

• Manufacturing
• Medical and Healthcare
• Environmental Monitoring
• Infrastructure Management
• Energy Management
• Transportation

IoT Examples

IoT has capability to consider various factors surrounding us like Traffic, Weather, Transportation Timing, TV Program, Meetings planned, Home Air Conditioner etc.

For example, you have planned a trip to your head office, to which you need to take a train early in the morning at 8, IoT can help you in waking up with alarm considering the Train Arrival timing to the weather condition outside. IoT can calculate the time to travel to destined Railway station and accordingly it will buzz the alarm device. If in case you have forgotten to switch of your AC, IoT will send you an alert and will help you to turn off the same remotely.

IoT based home security systems are emerging. For example, you want to know who all are coming to your home when you are out, and your house is locked, simply install a CCTV camera along with Motion Detection system and connect the same to your home network. This will be activated when a person trespasses the detectable range and necessary alert is sent to mobile device. One can view in the mobile who has approached and can take further actions if situation senses doubtful.