Why have we established this company?

While working in different companies and under different managers, we, a bunch of engineers / managers decided to have own company and management to bring our effort in the proper channel. We love three things about our company
This is our company
We are free to work in our own way to serve better
We want to earn more money.

How is your company different than other companies similar to yours?

As such it is not. We are same as the company to our next door. The only difference we feel that we put the transparency in our work. So, we are having this QA in About Us Page.

How you think out of the box?

We don’t as we are still exploring the box.

Do you lie in your business?

Well, we don’t. But in certain case, we do hide information. These are the cases when our team members make some common/trivial mistakes. It is Big LOL moments, but we don’t reveal much and try to hide as much as possible. But if in any case if the mistake / blunder is quite serious we never miss a second to reveal to our stakeholders. We maximize our effort to minimize the effect of the mistake.

How does day start in the company?

Pretty normal way. As civilized human beings we start our day with normal chit chat about life of each other, laugh at each other, discuss about current political and international economy (which we believe we are expert and in real we are not and some technological points (in this we are good). And then gradually we move to our daily routine tasks which we believe is never cumbersome. Once the team is engrossed nobody disturbs anybody. And yeah again being normal human being, we don’t work for straight 8 hours. We need breaks to laugh, talk, eat, drink and other stuffs. But while working we are having quite strong attitude towards our work. Even senior person will ask for an appointment to junior person if required.

How you feel about your customers?

Well for our customers, we feel are our bread butter. We believe that our honorable customers give us an opportunity to serve them and hence we are getting our bread and butter. And some time toppings as well. So, we respect bread butter so much so do we our customer. We strongly believe that our customers execute our company and follow them. Yes, so for us our customers are God/King/Bread Butter/Honorable Stake holders of this organization.